About us

BIGLA-III company was established in 1991 as a sole proprietorship company, and grew later to a limited liability company in 1996. The company performs all kinds of construction work for luxury buildings. It constructs sites in the most beautiful and prestigious city areas in Sofia, incarnating an exquisite style marked with tranquility, harmony and subtle comfort. "BIGLA-III is" a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and holds official licenses of "TOPLOFICATZIA - SOFIA" PLC (the authorized state supplier of central heating and hot water for domestic and technical purposes) and the STATE AGENCY FOR TECHNICAL CONTROL.

"BIGLA CONSULT" is the exclusive contractor who offers the developments of "BIGLA-III" which offer numerous buildings in central locations, as well as quality and luxury. In addition to that, thanks to our extensive relationships our partners, we also offer a variety of unique properties on the Bulgarian Coastline, such as Golf & Spa clubs and luxurious complexes on the beach that offer amazing sea views.